Getting Started - understanding your investment type

We offer a range of unit trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs); this is a term used to describe a type of investment fund. Collectively, we describe these types of investment as 'Funds'.

We also offer a range of portfolios, which is our Premier Portfolio Management Service. We describe these types of investments as 'Portfolios'

The process for making an investment, and the ongoing administration of your investment account, is different for funds and portfolios.

Investing in a fund directly with us - this is where you hold shares or units in our funds (e.g. Premier Miton UK Growth Fund), directly on our shareholder register. You invest by completing a Premier Miton application form. We refer to this type of investment as 'Funds'.

Investing in a portfolio through our Premier Portfolio Management Service - this is where you invest in one of our portfolios (e.g. the Premier Balanced Portfolio). The portfolios invest in Premier Miton Funds. You invest by completing a Premier Portfolio Management Service application form, which may be provided to you by your financial adviser or can be downloaded from this website. You can only invest in a portfolio if you use the services of a financial adviser. We refer to this type of investment as Portfolios

Of course, you may have decided to invest into a Premier Miton fund by using the services of an online investment platform. An investment platform is a service offered by a company providing online access to a range of different funds, offered by different investment companies. There may be a fee for using the services of an investment platform. If you have invested, or are going to invest, in a Premier Miton fund through an online platform provided by another company, you will receive correspondence and updates on your investment account from the platform, rather than Premier Miton.

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