Why do I need to provide my email address and telephone number?

From time to time we may need to get in contact with you, for example if we need to verify any transactions or activity on your account that may be out of the ordinary.
To help keep your investment safe we have processes in place that monitor activity on your account so that any suspicious activity can be flagged quickly.
We may need to contact you to confirm that a transaction has been authorised by you.
If we are unable to get in contact with you, this may result in a genuine transaction request being delayed.
It is really important that you keep your personal contact details up to date. If you change your telephone number, home address or email address, please let us or your financial adviser know.  If you tell your financial adviser they should get in touch with us to update our records. Your details will only be used for the purposes described here and will not be used for marketing purposes.

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