Funds: How do I cancel my regular savings facility?

If you have set-up a regular monthly payment and would like to cancel this, please refer to the relevant section below. 

  1. Premier Miton funds – direct investment
    If you are invested in a Premier Miton fund (with a Premier Miton prefix) directly with us, you will have an account with an 8 digit account number, starting with a 6 or 8 e.g. 6002 3456.

    When submitting the instruction, please include the following:
    •      Account number/Investor Reference Number
    •      Confirmation that you wish to discontinue any regular payments currently active on the Account and the date in which you wish for this to be cancelled.
    •      Name, address, signature & date

    Please write to us at the address below to cancel regular savings, and remember that you also need to cancel the relevant payments at your bank.

    Premier Portfolio Managers Limited
    SR43 4AW
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