How do I update my personal details?

  1. Premier Miton funds – direct investment
    If you are invested in a Premier Miton fund (with a Premier Miton prefix) directly with us, you will have an account with an 8 digit account number, starting with a 6 or 8 e.g. 6002 3456.

    Please write to us at the address below to change any personal details, it is important that you keep these up-to-date. It is possible to complete our Investor Information Form.

    Premier Portfolio Managers Limited
    SR43 4AW
  2. Premier Miton funds – Via Connect
    Please contact your financial adviser, who will arrange for your details to be updated on the Connect portal.
  3. Premier Portfolio Management Service
    If you are invested in our Premier Portfolio Management Service, your account will start with 5 or 6 letters e.g. SMITHZ000ISA1.Please write to us or e-mail us with your updated details. Your financial adviser can also provide these to us via the same method.

    Premier Fund Managers Limited
    Eastgate Court, High Street
    GU1 3DE
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