Funds: How do I register a Power of Attorney

If you are invested in a Premier Miton fund (with a Premier Miton prefix) directly with us, you will have an account with an 8 digit account number, starting with a 6 or 8 e.g. 6002 3456.

In order to register a Power of Attorney on an account, we would require the Power of Attorney document to be sent to one of our postal addresses listed below.
We require an original or certified Power of Attorney document. Please note that any certified copies of the Power of Attorney document would require a certification on each page of the document.
The certification will need to state the following:
•      Full name and signature of the individual certifying the document.
•      Name and address of the organisation the individual works for.
•      Date the certification was performed.
•      The statement "I have seen the original document and certify that this is a complete and accurate copy of the original".
Additionally, we will also require proof of identity and proof of address for each person that has Power of Attorney, unless the individual holds this jointly and severally. Our acceptable documents are as follows:
-      Proof of your identity:     certified copy of a valid passport or driving licence
-       Proof of your address:      original (will be returned to you) or certified copy of your bank statement or utility bill which are less than six months old. We cannot accept internet based bank statements or utility bills. 
In the instance that the account holder resides in a care home, we will also require a letter on headed paper from the care home, confirming they are a resident. Please ensure the care home manager has signed and dated this letter. If this is not the case, we will need a signed statement, from yourself, confirming that this is the case.
The documents should be sent to the below address for processing:
Premier Portfolio Managers Limited
SR43 4AW
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