Funds/Connect: How do I invest in a Premier Miton fund?

Premier Miton funds – direct investment

To invest directly in a Premier Miton Fund please download an application form and send a completed form to the following address. If you want to hold a fund through an Individual Savings Account (ISA), you will need to complete a Premier Miton ISA application & transfer form. Please note that all our funds have a Premier Miton prefix, e.g. Premier Miton Monthly Income Fund. Completed forms should be returned to:

Premier Portfolio Managers Limited
SR43 4AW

Any applications not returned to the correct address, may be delayed.

This address should only be used for direct applications to invest in a Premier Miton fund. This address should not be used for applications being made through Connect, Premier Miton’s online portal, or for investments into the Premier Portfolio Management Service.

If you wish to invest into a fund through Connect, our online portal, please contact your Financial Adviser. 

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