Funds: Where can I find application forms to invest?

Premier Miton funds – direct investment 

Our forms can be downloaded from our Literature section on our website. If you can’t find the form you need, call us on 0333 456 4560.

Popular application forms:

  • Application Form – for making a direct application to invest into a Premier Miton fund 
  • ISA application and ISA transfer form – for investments into a Premier Miton fund through an Individual Savings Account, or to transfer your existing ISA with another provider into a Premier Miton ISA 
  • Transfer from a fund to an ISA - for existing investors in a Premier Miton fund who wish to transfer part or all of their current holding into an ISA 
  • Top up form – if you wish to put more money into an existing Premier Miton fund that you hold, with a lump sum or by changing your regular savings amount 
  • Application to switch funds – if you wish to switch your investment in a Premier Miton fund into another Premier Miton fund
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