Getting Started - understanding your investment type

Our propositions are Funds (direct), Model Portfolios and Connect (online portal offering the Premier Miton Funds) 

Our products are Unit Trusts, OEICS and Discretionary Model Portfolios. 

The process for making an investment and the ongoing administration and servicing of your account will vary between the three propositions. 

  1. Directly with us – you hold shares / units in our funds directly on our shareholder register; and invest by completing a Premier Miton application. We refer to this as 'funds'.
  2. Connect – you hold shares / units on our portal via a nominee position - your financial adviser makes the application on your behalf using our online portal. 
  3. Premier Portfolio Management Service – you hold one of our portfolios, which invests in Premier Miton funds – you complete a Premier Portfolio Management Service application form, provided to you by your financial adviser. 

Of course, you may have decided to invest into a Premier Miton fund by using the services of an online investment platform. If you have invested, or are going to invest, in a Premier Miton fund through an online platform provided by another company, you will receive correspondence and updates on your investment account from the platform, rather than Premier Miton.

Unsure what type of product you hold? Our account checker tool can help

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