Premier Portfolios: If I am invested in an income portfolio, how often is my income paid?

For clients invested in the Premier Portfolio Management Service only. 
Premier High Income, Premier Income and Premier Income & Growth portfolios aim to generate a regular income. You can choose to have any income generated by the portfolios paid monthly, where the underlying funds pay a monthly income, or quarterly.
If you are investing directly with us the income will be paid into your nominated bank or building society account by the 20th of each month if you choose monthly income payments, or by 20th January, April, July and October, if you have chosen to take quarterly payments.
If you are investing via an investment platform, you will need to check the income payment dates that will apply.

Income payments are not guaranteed and the amount paid to you will fluctuate. If you choose to receive income that is greater than the dividend distributions from the portfolios, you will have to cash-in some of your investment which will then reduce the value of your investment.

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