Premier Portfolios: Can I take regular withdrawals from my investment?

For clients invested in the Premier Portfolio Management Service only. 
You can take regular withdrawals from your investment. You can take these monthly or quarterly and it is free to set up this facility when you make your initial investment. You should receive your regular payments by the 20th of each month if the monthly withdrawal option is selected, or 20th January, April, July and October, if you have chosen to take quarterly withdrawals.
If you take regular withdrawals greater than the dividends or investment growth generated by your portfolio, you could erode the value of your investment. If a regular withdrawal would take the value of your account below the minimum holding amount, we reserve the right not to action the transaction.
You can change the amount of your regular withdrawal, at any time, subject to the minimum requirements, but there may be a charge. You can make one free change to your account in each calendar year; which can be a change to the level of your regular savings or regular withdrawals, a switch between portfolios or a combination of these changes at the same time. You may be charged for any subsequent changes in the year, refer to your Terms and Conditions. 
You should be aware that once you have reached the relevant ISA subscription limits for a tax year you may make no further subscriptions into your ISA, regardless of cash withdrawals from the account during that tax year.
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