Premier Portfolios: What happens if I no longer use the services of a financial adviser?

For clients invested in the Premier Portfolio Management Service only. 
It is only possible to be an investor in the Premier Portfolio Management Service if you are using the services of a financial adviser. If you change financial adviser after you invest, you need to advise us of this change as soon as possible, to make sure we facilitate any agreed payment of advisory fees to the correct company. If you no longer have a financial adviser to provide you with ongoing advice on the suitability of your portfolio, you will be unable to continue using the Premier Portfolio Management Service and we will have to close your account with us.
We are unable to provide individual investment or tax advice but will provide you with details of your options, including switching your investment directly into Premier Miton funds, or selling your investment and returning the monies to your nominated bank or building society, or to an alternative provider of your choice.
You will have up to 60 days to confirm which option is most suitable to you before we close your account. 
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